Argonstrom Design and Defense 

I love to create functional art, and have since I was a child; I figured everything always looked better after I drew on it, much to my parents' chagrin.  The topic of my switching to Chapstick when I was a child after assuming my mother and father just didn't like the color of the crayons I used for interior murals still brings smiles at family gatherings.

My engraving started when I was an automotive technician by engraving my tools with my initials with a cheap electric pen to keep them from being misplaced.  The boredom during the slow winter months pushed me to take that engraving further.  Soon, my initials became more elaborate, my impact wrenches were engraved to look like 1911 pistols, short poems, and Bible verses adorned sockets and wrenches. 

I know I'll never be rich or famous, but I know I can bring some folks a bit of happiness with the uniqueness my art brings.  For the most part, my engraving can be described as modern tattoo, though I love doing tradition work, as well.
Thank you for taking a look at my work!